About us

Based within minutes of Manchester city centre, at the heart of the north west motorway network, alti-pix uses a specially customised vehicle to carry one of the tallest photographic masts in the UK. Powered by compressed air, the mast can reach a height of 26 metres (almost 100ft). Mounted at the top of the mast is a high-resolution digital SLR camera, capable of recording exceptionally high quality images.
For locations where vehicle access isn’t possible we use a portable mast system which can work independently of the vehicle and can reach a height of 15 metres.
On the ground a laptop computer, with bespoke software, enables our photographer to adjust the camera settings and angle of view in order to capture the perfect shot. Images are then appropriately edited and can then be burnt to disk, printed on to a variety of substrates or emailed as required.

Both systems can be set-up and operational within approximately 10 minutes of arriving on-site. This causes the minimum of inconvenience or disruption to those around.
Furthermore, as our equipment can be set-up in an area no larger than a single car parking space, urban locations seldom present a problem for us.
Practical, cost-effective and efficient alti-pix has the perfect solution for high-angle photography used marketing, property sales, pr and advertising.
Applications for mast photography include:

  • Agriculture
  • Architectural
  • Commercial roperty
  • Developments
  • Events
  • Highways and traffic
  • Interior photography
  • Legal
  • Panoramic images
  • Photomontage
  • Planning
  • Property marketing
  • Property surveying
  • Public Relations
  • Residential property
  • Time lapse
  • Tourism