Q. Who would use such a service?
As the alti-pix system is especially good for photographing property, Estate Agents tend to be our most regular customers.  However, we also work for Solicitors, Surveyors, Advertising Companies, Property Developers, Private Individuals and a whole host of others.

Q. Surely the cost would be prohibitive for an individual or small business?

With our fees starting at only £180+VAT many more organisations and individuals can cost-justify the use of bespoke aerial images.  By using our high impact aerial images small businesses can gain a competitive advantage over their larger rivals.

Q. Does alti-pix have to be booked a long time in advance?

No, but it depends on our workload and weather conditions. Occasionally we have been able to complete jobs on the same day as the initial enquiry.

Q. As a client, do I need to be present at the time of your visit?
No. As long as we have your written brief which can be sent by letter, fax or email, and you have arranged any permissions that may be required (where access to private land is required) then we can operate independently. (Please see free quotation for further details).

Q. Do you have to obtain any other special permissions?
No. We usually work from public highways so no permissions are needed. As mentioned above, only where access to private land is required do we need permission. However, this is rarely a problem.

Q. What information do you need from the client?

Firstly we need to accurately identify the location and boundaries of the subject you want photographing. We also need to understand your objectives and how the images will be reproduced. To help you provide the information that is required you can download our Commission Brief Form.

Q. What about the weather?
Naturally the weather plays critical part in capturing the perfect image. The best days for an alti-pix mast shoot are bright days with a little cloud cover. However we are able to work in most weathers and get excellent results.
The exceptions to this are high winds (we able to work in in moderate winds – dependent on surroundings), rain and thunderstorms .
At booking we will get a description of the job and assess the best time and place to take the shots.

Q. Is a picture from an aircraft better?
The results from mast based aerial photography and plane based photography are very different. Aircraft based photography is more suited to capturing very large areas of land in one picture and shots looking straight down. Mast photography is significantly cheaper, and still allows fairly large areas of land and buildings to be photographed in detail. Being static for a shoot also means shots can actually be properly composed rather than hurriedly snapped. Clients can also easily view the picture from ground level before it is taken.

Q. What is the situation over copyright issues?

The client has the licence to use the material supplied for the stated application. alti-pix retains the copyright on material supplied and the client is not allowed, unless previously agreed in writing to give away or sell the material to a third party for another application or for submission to a photographic library, for instance.

Q. What size of subject can you cover?

Large single buildings, commercial developments or retail parks are suitable subjects. For larger areas such as a whole town, one would need to employ an alternative technique.