Either indoors or out, alti-pix low-level aerial photographs will vividly illustrate the scale of your event and provide fantastic promotional material for next year.
If you're planning a live webcast of the proceedings we can even attach a webcam to our equipment, enabling you to capture the images from the ideal viewpoint.

Car shows, dog shows, county shows - the alti-pix system has been used to photograph all of these and more! Please note - the summer months are quickly booked up, so please contact us well in advance.

Media Events & News
You've got to be in the right place to get the best shot! As we can take photographs anywhere from ground level up to 100 feet in the air, in many situations we have a slight advantage! If your media or news event requires an unusual angle or is impossible to photograph using traditional methods then alti-pix may have the answer. Please contact us to discuss!

Photo Shoots
If you're a professional photographer looking for an unusual angle - you can now take control of our equipment to get the shots you need. Our photographer will be on hand to reposition the equipment as necessary, but you can control the camera and its functions and retain all of the images produced. Please contact us for further details and technical information.