Highways & traffic

The alti-pix system provides a cost effective method for taking low-level aerial photographs of highways. From an elevated viewpoint far greater detail can be portrayed with images showing layout of the lanes and carriageways, road markings and the overall surroundings of the road.

Insurance Claims
In the case of an insurance claim photographs often provide vital evidence and important details that can not be conveyed in writing. Because our equipment can quickly and easily photograph details that are not visible from the ground, our images can be of great assistance when submitting a claim. This will help lead to a swift settlement saving both time and money.

Accident Blackspots
alti-pix is working to compile a library of low-level aerial photographs of road traffic accident blackspots throughout the East Yorkshire and Humber regions. Images are available to assist with insurance claims and accident investigation work, saving those involved both time and money. Please contact us for further details or to check availability.

Risk Assessment
Route risk identification is a major problem for any public transport operator. alti-pix can photograph known accident blackspots from an elevated viewpoint to give a different perspective to the normal view from behind the wheel.
Low-level aerial images clearly show lane and carriageway layouts, road markings and the overall surroundings of the road, helping to provides drivers with a clear understanding of the potential hazards.