Legal Applications

alti-pix images enable solicitors, insurance companies and private individuals to produce aerial photographic evidence to support their case for a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography using aeroplanes or helicopters. Furthermore the practical nature of our systems allow us to operate in busy town centres or sensitive areas which may be off limits to an aircraft.

Road Traffic Incidents In the aftermath of a road traffic incidents, court proceedings often follow. Written statements can be greatly enhanced by photographic evidence, however, the information that can be portrayed by road level photography is very limited. In contrast, the low-level aerial photographs that alti-pix produce can illustrate a tremendous amount of information.  Road markings, general layout and the surroundings of any accident site can be clearly shown.

Insurance Claims In the case of an insurance claim photographs often provide vital evidence and important details that can not be conveyed in writing.  Because our equipment can quickly and easily photograph details that are not visible from the ground, our images can be of great assistance when submitting a claim.  This will help lead to a swift settlement saving both time and money.

Boundary Disputes Aerial photographs often assist in the settlement of boundary disputes, helping to illustrate the point at issue.  However, in built-up areas aircraft can rarely operate low enough to provide satisfactory evidence and satellite imagery rarely has an adequate resolution to be able to zoom in on the boundary concerned.
Photographs from alti-pix can provide the ideal solution.  They are taken low enough to show clearly recognisable features and details - but high enough to provide a clear overview of the issue at hand.

Planning Issues Both planning applications and appeals can be greatly assisted by photographs from alti-pix.  These can help to set the scene and assist the planning committee to visualise the proposed scheme far more effectively than ground level images. We can even help to allay surrounding householder's concerns over loss of privacy by taking photographs from specific heights to show exactly what can, and can not be seen, from the windows of the proposed development.

Health & Safety Issues In light of today's compensation culture and increasingly successful corporate prosecutions by the Health & Safety Executive, organisations would be wise to consider aerial images by alti-pix as an integral part of their standard risk assessment